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Fully integrated business applications

We develop your applications with tailor-made and efficiently designed software solutions. Through our application development, your data and processes are digitalized, your customers and stakeholders experience a noticeable added value and through the integration of the data into your IT system, we help you to a high degree of automation. 



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Agile Application Development with Scrum:
Analysis, Scope of Work and Milestone Plan

Our software programming begins with an analysis of your operational situation and the technical infrastructure. Depending on the size of your project, we put together a team of agile project managers according to Scrum (Product Owner), experienced developers, user experience designers and marketing experts who advise you with their entrepreneurial thinking and technical expertise. 

At the beginning of each application development project, during an initial strategy and conception phase, we define and prioritise the goals and requirements of your company together with you. The target groups (customer personas) are clearly defined and prioritised according to importance in order to determine the respective need, motivation and user behaviour (customer journey).

In the next step, the requirements are prioritised together with the required functional, technical and design elements (features) per target group according to business value, implementation effort and technical feasibility and described as user stories (requirements from the end user's point of view). Acceptance criteria are also defined for each user story so that the respective work package can be implemented and accepted according to clear, measurable specifications. Based on the user stories and acceptance criteria, an offer and a cost estimate for the implementation in phase 2 can be created.

The prioritised list of user stories is divided into a release plan with respective milestones, which forms the basis for the 2nd phase, the implementation. The implementation takes place according to Scrum in weekly or 2-weekly sprints. At the beginning of each sprint, the user stories to be implemented are discussed by our development team of software developers, designers and marketing specialists and the goal (sprint goal) for the sprint is defined. During the sprint, work packages are continuously completed and made available to the customer for acceptance after internal tests. This means that we avoid the bug fixing phase at the end of the project, as the respective software packages are continuously completed and approved or completed during the project as soon as they are completed.

Powerful application development

We focus on transparency and flexibility in your project implementation. Therefore we work with the project management tool Jira and the agile methodology Scrum in short and agile development cycles.

On the one hand you have the possibility to follow the process continuously and to participate in the application development as an integrated project member, on the other hand our team members can work parallel and synchronised. Thanks to this agile approach, which is defined in sprints, your application is tested iteratively during development and can be flexibly adapted or reprioritized at any time in the event of new requirements.

On this basis, we program powerful, secure and easy-to-maintain applications. Depending on the application, we use the appropriate technologies for the implementation: these include PHP-based frameworks such as Symfony and Lavarel, as well as JavaScript-based frameworks such as Angular JS with Ionic, ReactJS, VueJS and NodeJS. As a powerful content management system (CMS) we use Drupal 8 for demanding content platforms. We develop progressive web apps (PWA) and native mobile applications for Apple and Android devices with Swift & Java. 

3 types of application development:

When implementing your application, we distinguish between three basic application types: native, web and hybrid. 

1. Native App
A native app is developed for specific devices in a platform-specific programming language. Android apps are created in Java and iOS applications are integrated in Swift. Native apps can be connected to numerous system programming interfaces (APIs), fully access device functionality, and work on the operating system without an Internet connection. They provide the user with a responsive and robust experience and are highly reliable due to their efficient coding.

2. Web App
A web app is developed as platform-independent software and stored in HTML5 or JavaScript. It optimizes interactivity and functionality regardless of your operating system, as it is provided over the Internet. Web Apps run through the browser and do not need to be downloaded to mobile devices. Because Web Apps do not require separate encoding for each platform, they are faster to develop and can be deployed without additional external approval processes (such as an App Store). Updates are instantly visible and the delivery and distribution of information is easy and convenient. At the same time, compared to native apps, web apps do not require parallel and costly maintenance for different operating systems (Android or iOS).

3. Hybrid App
Hybrid apps are a synthesis of native apps and web apps. They are encoded in HTML or CSS and can be downloaded from an App Store. They allow access to APIs and also work on your home screen without an internet connection. Hybrid apps take advantage of a device's native features and can be distributed across multiple platforms (both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store) based on the same code base.   

Depending on the goal of your project, we advise you holistically on the purpose, function and application range of the respective application types and offer you numerous possibilities to automate processes through digital solutions. 

Contact us if you would like to learn more about the optimization of your company's communication and work processes, or if you need active support in the development of a tailor-made application.