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UX Design, Front-end development, Back-end development, Conversion Optimization, SEO, SEM

Case Study

Client: Cosmobutler GmbH, Switzerland’s leading on-demand household service for laundry, dry-cleaning, carpet cleaning and home cleaning
Industry: Internet of Things (IOT), e-commerce, home delivery
Objectives: New web-platform and new App to order on-demand services
B-works role: UX Design, Front-end development, Back-end development, Conversion Optimization, SEO, SEM
Technology: CMS Drupal 8, PHP
Project size: 1’000+ man days, over 7 team members at B-works



Cosmobutler has continuously evolved by applying learnings from customer feedbacks and by turning them into new features. The goal of the new website and app was to scale the Cosmobutler platform to the next level, which could handle larger order amounts, while being easy to use. After user testing and fine-tuning the customer personas we applied advanced UX techniques to create an upbeat, user-friendly front-end website and application, which allow placing an order with few clicks. The back-end was developed using Drupal 8 as a reliable and scalable CMS, which connects to the CRM, the driver app, as well as the supplier IT platform. Cosmobutler is the result of extensive growth hacking, focusing on Analytics and SEO, which yields strong and cost-effective conversions to this day.

About the client:

Cosmobutler is a multi-Service Booking, Logistics, and Order Fulfilment IT Platform. Current services on the platform include Home Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, as well as Home-Delivery and Drop-off Points for Laundry & Dry Cleaning, Shoe Repair and Carpet Cleaning. Cosmobutler currently serves the main German-speaking urban areas in Switzerland, including the Greater Zurich Area, Basel, Bern, Lucerne, Zug and Winterthur. Cosmobutler has developed a proprietary Web-App and online platform that may be used for offering home and office services to B2C and B2B customers. The Cosmobutler IT system, which is marketed as software as a service (SAAS), enables local providers such as laundry shops, to receive and fulfil customer orders at high quality standards.


The goal was to re-launch the website, including a web-app which would allow customers to easily order with few clicks. The back-end was to be scaled up to allow for larger order volumes. At the same time a reliable content management system was to be introduced which would allow a powerful content and marketing strategy, including SEO implementation.

The objectives of the project included:

  • Implement an easy to use content management system (CMS)
  • Develop a logistics application for couriers with track-and-trace of barcodes, as well as supply chain management
  • Develop a CRM for customer service, automatic order fulfilment, invoicing and dunning
  • Develop an online shop using Drupal commerce
  • Develop a chatbot for Facebook messenger
  • Create Support & Maintenance concept, including proactive error logging
  • Set-up and maintain Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Linkedin, Xing)
  • On- and off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO): technical and content related
  • Content marketing including a blog


mock up cosmobutler UX Design Conversion Optimization

B-works’s role: 

B-works is the ongoing CTO of Cosmobutler and has accompanied the start-up from its early phase through its growth to becoming an established organization, covering the German-speaking part of Switzerland. In its role as CTO, B-works supports Cosmobutler with a Product Owner as the intermediary between business needs and technology features. Software development is done by front- and back-end developers at B-works, while SEO and Marketing is taken care of by the Marketing practice at B-works. Cosmobutler is an exciting opportunity for B-works to use Scrum by drawing from its experience with Drupal 8 development, as well as UX and growth hacking, including SEO, to involve a broad range of team members with their respective talent and skills.

Process and tools:

Key for successful and on-time delivery of this project were the following factors:

  • Using the Lean StartUp principle to prioritize functionality and to test new functionalities through MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) before launching them on the market on a larger scale
  • Developing 6 customer personas for each of Cosmobutler’s target client typology, which resulted in UX requirements for Content, Design and Functionality of the website and app
  • Creating a responsive design with Sketch in close communication with the developers to ensure feasibility
  • Weekly goal and status assessment between the Cosmobutler founder and the B-works team
  • Weekly sprints with sprint retrospective, review and planning
  • Front- and Back-end development with Drupal 8
  • Continuous, bi-weekly release of working system improvements and increments
  • Ongoing customer surveys and assessments to include feedbacks and improvements in future releases
  • Monthly time reporting using Jira
  • Monthly analytics review and ongoing SEO and conversion optimization based on analytics data
  • User testing, fine-tuning of customer personas, User Experience Design (UX)

Technologies employed:

  • PHP
  • Drupal 8 CMS for front-end and back-end


Benefit to the client:


The main challenge faced in the Cosmobutler project was to develop a usable software product which would integrate seamlessly and cater to the needs of three main stakeholders:

  1. The web platform and app – which allows customers to order Cosmobutler services
  2. The SAAS IT system – which allows suppliers to manage and fulfil their orders, submits automated invoices and reminders and generates sales statistics
  3. The driver app – which allows couriers to scan received and delivered items and gives all information necessary for making deliveries and pick-ups

Key learnings:

A key learning was that feedbacks from all stakeholders need to be carefully examined, understood and finally prioritized before turning them into software features for future releases. A further learning was that a well planned and executed SEO strategy in the highly competitive online delivery market may take several months to be implemented, yet yields promising results in the form of high quality traffic (i.e. attracting the right clients), as well as low conversion costs.

Key benefits for the client:

  • Increased conversion rate
  • SEO implementation has exceeded project goals as proven by the following KPI’s:
    • cost per conversion 80% lower than budgeted
    • relevant customer traffic 40% higher than planned 
    • impression market share on search engines top of the industry
  • Milestone completion on a limited budget and completion within budget
  • Increased scalability (i.e. automation of IT-platform for Cosmobutler suppliers) and reduced numbers of payment delays
  • Higher fulfilment-rate (customers per hour)
  • Net promoter score (KPI for customer: satisfaction) in top 5 per centile of industry
  • Greater market coverage in additional geographical locations with highly increased number of clients and orders

Potential for further development:

  • Cosmobutler is built to be scalable and to allow for adding additional services as well as delivery areas easily and seamlessly, which can be used to upsell to the existing client base
  • The learnings from Cosmobutler can and have been applied to other projects in industries such as logistics, e-commerce, IOT, and Software as a service
  • Cosmobutler can be expanded to additional countries as well as new industries


Further information:

  • Cosmobutler website
  • Press mention for Cosmobutler developing the world’s first chatbot to clean your home: Read the article
  • Interview with Cosmobutler founder Alex Benincà on Monocle - The Entrepreneurs, explaining the founding idea behind Cosmobutler (Starts at 37:35): Read the article





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