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Case Study

Client: Pistor AG Switzerland’s leading supplier for bakeries, hotels and care facilities
Industry: FMCG supplier, B2B food, beverage and care products
Objectives: Relaunch the corporate website as a web platform by merging three old websites (with over 20’000 pages) into one
B-works role: Back-end development, UX, Content Management, SEO, Analytics
Technology: CMS Drupal 8, RESTful API to headless front-end
Project size: 200+ man days, over 6 team members at B-works


To relaunch the website of Pistor AG in Rothenburg (Switzerland), we developed a back-end using the CMS Drupal 8. This included custom event and search applications, and custom website modules which allow creating new pages with drag and drop. We further connected the back-end to a separate front-end using a RESTful API. As part of an SEO and Analytics mandate, we merged three existing websites of Pistor, migrating over 20’000 relevant sites to

About the client:

Pistor is in the midst of a constantly changing market and has realized that Digital Transformation is essential for a successful future. One of the first visible measures was to improve the digital accessibility to Pistor content, by preparing the relaunch of with an analysis, framework and final concept. One of the main goals was to make the already existing content accessible. A further goal was to develop a powerful and scalable system, which could keep pace with the future digital development and changes of Pistor. To ensure this scalability, Pistor researched and finally decided on the content management system (CMS) Drupal 8. The CMS was to be decoupled from a separate front-end, in order to allow ongoing “headless” development in the future. 


The existing websites, and were to be merged into one, by re-launching a new website in June, 2018. 

The objectives of the project included:

  • Set up a Content Management System (CMS) using Drupal 8
  • Develop custom applications, including signing up for events
  • Connect Front-end and Back-end with a RESTful API
  • Create and do technical and on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for over 500 webpages in German and French
  • Migrate two old domains to include them in the new website
  • Connect external data tracking tools and Google Analytics and track conversions (i.e. banner clicks) through Analytics Events
  • Relaunch the website within 6 months


mock up pistor UX Design Conversion Optimization

B-works’s role: 

B-works approached this challenging project consisting of over 20 team members including 6 from B-works, a Front-end agency, the client and a texting agency, by setting up the team with the right skills. The Back-end team was set-up of a senior Product Owner, as well as two senior full-stack developers with over 10 years Drupal experience. The Content, SEO and Analytics team was set-up of a senior Product Owner and two SEO and content management specialists with relevant experience. The project was managed using Scrum across these two separate project teams at B-works.

Process and tools:

Key for successful and on-time delivery of this project were the following factors:

  • Kick-off meeting to define project goals and KPIs to be achieved
  • Setting up a team of 6 members, consisting of a senior product owner, two senior full-stack developers and two SEO and a content management specialist
  • Weekly progress reporting with the client and front-end agency
  • Weekly sprints with sprint review, retrospective and planning
  • Back-end development with Drupal 8
  • Monthly on-site meetings with the client and core team members
  • Monthly time reporting using Jira
  • Agile testing by content team and parallel bug fixing by back-end team

Technologies employed:

  • PHP
  • Drupal 8 content management system (CMS)
  • Drupal 8 back-end development


Benefit to the client:


The main challenges faced in this project were to keep the over 20 team members (spread over external agencies and the client) informed and working aligned towards a common go-live date. Parallel testing while creating web pages with custom developed modules and agile bug fixing allowed optimizing lead times and ultimately led to a punctual go-live with all critical and major bugs fixed.

Key learnings:

A key learning was that Drupal 8 has developed into a powerful enterprise grade CMS suitable for decoupled front-ends and capable of scaling up with custom modules (i.e. paragraphs). A custom Google Analytics Dashboard allowed integrating custom events such as banner clicks to track different engagement goals on the new website.

Key benefits for the client:

  • Delivery within budget and June 13 deadline, 6 months after project start
  • All priority 1 bugs fixed by go-live
  • Final project sign-off in August 2018

Potential for further development:

The experience from building this large custom Drupal 8 based web-platform is transferable to other web-platforms, as well as demanding, enterprise scale websites and web-applications, including detached (headless) front-ends, i.e. with JavaScript/ VueJS.

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