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Conception and Development of 

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Software as a Service (SAAS) Web-App and Management Dashboard


UX Design, Backend-Development, Front-end Development

Case study

Client: smart-fed AG, Bad Zurzach, Switzerland - the revolutionary employee feedback tool for companies
Industry: HR and Human Resources, SAAS
Goals: Development of an application and a web-based feedback tool (SAAS) for use by any type of organization, which enables simple usability through intuitive user guidance (UX). In addition, development of a relational database that allows all generated data (feedbacks, comments, etc.) to be evaluated and graphically displayed from any possible perspective (time, organization, criteria, etc.), taking into account defined anonymity protection rules.
B-works role: UX conception and design, development of web application and back-end, incl. connection to Salesforce CRM and Stripe payment provider, as well as 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for secure login.
Technology: Laravel (back-end), Angular 6 (desktop front-end), Ionic (mobile front-end), Saas (shared style sheets between desktop and mobile), Cypress (testing automation for business logic) Project size: 350+ person days with 5 B-works team members
Project size: 350+ person days with 5 B-works team members


Smart-fed Management Cockpit SAAS Applikationsentwicklung Zürich B-works



For the launch of the young company Smart-fed (Switzerland), we developed a revolutionary feedback application that enables employees to anonymously evaluate a number of topics in their company, ranging from superiors, work environment, strategy to personal development perspectives. The application includes a separate management and data analytics dashboard and cockpit for administrators and managers to evaluate all feedback data that can be used to implement improvements within the organization. Subsequently, an order process was developed which, with a connection to Salesforce CRM and payment provider Stripe, makes it possible to buy Smart-fed user licenses as Software as a Service (SAAS).


Starting position and problem:

Today's approach or instrument for "actively" determining customer and employee satisfaction is to conduct surveys. However, this is not or only very rarely really appreciated by the "inquired" persons, due to a variety of reasons. Too long questionnaires, incomprehensible questions or questions without relevance for the interviewees are only some of the reasons why these surveys are filled out very reluctantly, if at all. Also the leadership of an organization can often only rarely really do something with the results, because the questions are asked much too generally. The feedback tool "smart-fed" goes a completely different way here. It no longer asks questions, but provides feedback criteria that can be rated as "good" or "bad". And exactly when it is relevant for the person concerned (not in demand). The employee can give very concrete feedback on the very topic, which has inspired or frustrated her - no more and no less. Simply and quickly in one minute and with a guarantee of anonymity.



Development of a feedback web application for desktop and mobile, an admin dashboard and a management cockpit. Subsequent development of an ordering process to acquire employee licenses for Smart-fed as a company, including automatic creation of the user instance. 


The objectives of the project included:

  • Development of web application for desktop and mobile to give feedback, change feedback within 24 hours and reassess feedback every 3 months
  • Development of the admin dashboard for the administration of feedback categories, topics and criteria, for setting up the organizational structure and for importing employees
  • Development of the management cockpit including statistics with dimensions time axis, feedback topic and feedback origin, including filter logic
  • Development of a database including security concept and anonymity logic, for the administration of customer instances
  • Order process to acquire Smart-fed employee licenses
  • Connection to Salesforce as CRM for customers
  • Connection to Stripe as payment provider for credit card payment
  • Implementation of a secure login with 2FA (2 Factor Authentication)


Smart-fed Management Cockpit Statistik B-works


The role of B-works: 

For this project B-works has assembled the Scrum Development Team, consisting of a UX Designer, 3 Full-Stack Developers and a Senior Scrum Product Owner
The project was managed using Scrum from conception to development to go-live.

Processes and Tools:

The following factors were decisive for the successful and on-schedule implementation of this project:

  • Kick-off-Meeting to define the project goals and the functionality to be achieved
  • Set-up of a 5-person team consisting of a Senior Product Owner, a UX Designer and three Full-Stack Developers
  • Weekly progress reports with the customer, following the Sprint Review
  • Weekly Sprints with Sprint Review, Retrospective, and Planning
  • Backend development with Laravel
  • Front-end Development with Angular 6 (Desktop) and Ionic (Mobile)
  • Monthly time recording and budget reporting with Jira
  • Agile Testing by B-works, ongoing features sign-off by the customer and parallel troubleshooting by the development team


Employed Technologies:

  • Laravel
  • Angular 6
  • Ionic
  • Saas (Shared Style Sheets between Desktop and Mobile)
  • Cypress (Testing Automation for the Business Logic)


Advantages for the Client:



The most important challenge in this project was the creation of a new feedback tool with an absolute anonymity logic, which did not yet exist in this form. On the one hand, employees should be able to give their feedback completely anonymously. At the same time, the management should be able to evaluate the anonymous feedback graphically via a statistics cockpit with regard to topic, origin and on a time scale. To ensure this, an anonymity rule was developed and implemented together with the customer, which only displays feedback from a department or team once at least three employees from this team have submitted their feedback. At the same time, feedback can only be filtered cumulatively to a minimum period of one week; this is the second level of anonymity.

To maintain anonymity, employee feedback is not stored with the employee's name in the database. It is therefore not possible for our application developers or the company administrator to find out the identity of the person who gave the feedback.


Important learnings:

The close involvement of the client was essential in this challenging project. Thanks to agile methods and the client's commitment, the business value of the individual features was constantly prioritized or re-prioritized to ensure maximum added value for the end users (employees, administrators, managers). At the same time, the resources for this project had to be used as efficiently as possible to launch a marketable MVP, directly as SAAS.

During the entire project, finished components (design and functional features) were continuously tested and accepted by the customer. Thus a lengthy and difficult to plan final acceptance phase was avoided.


Most important advantages for the client:

  • Scalable feedback app, which can be distributed as Software as a Service (SAAS)
  • Delivery within budget and on time, 14 months after project start
  • Bugs of priority 1 were fixed before the go-live
  • Final handover and acceptance of the project in July 2019


Further training & potential for ongoing development:

The experience gained from the development of this feedback application is transferable to other enterprise software systems as well as to sophisticated, high-performance web applications, including connections to external software systems such as CRMs (Salesforce) and payment providers (Stripe).


Further information:

  • Smart-fed Website
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