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Our digital agency is specialized in combining modern marketing measures with the latest technologies. With the main focus on your customers, we develop innovative digital products that are tailored to your business objectives.



Digitalagentur Web Konzepte & Agile Projektumsetzung

Research, Analysis, Strategy & Conception

With your business objectives in mind and a positive user experience in mind, our experts analyse your sector. From a deep understanding of your business and the overall market situation, we explore trends, conduct specific analyses and develop new and innovative opportunities that highlight your business strengths.
In addition to the best possible understanding of your goals, our digital agency also places great value on the satisfaction of your customers during concept development. We create a customer journey that shows the behaviour and interest of your visitors and show you how you can accompany them on their way to the desired target action.



User-friendly Design 

As soon as the strategy of your digital project is ready, we continue to work agilely and iteratively. From websites, applications and chatbots to the digital transformation of your business, you can follow the process of creating, testing and iteratively adapting the required prototypes. Our weekly sprints allow you not only to keep an eye on the process and budget of your project, but also to manage the individual task steps in an agile and uncomplicated way.

The goal of this creative process is to create a UX friendly design that addresses the needs and expectations of your customers and inspires them in the long run. Intuitively and with ease your customers should be able to experience and internalize your digital product. This concerns all phases and ranges of your enterprise, because from the selling, marketing, on-line Shopping, Community management, up to the account and supply your users should arrive problem-free and fast at the goal.

Our digital agency creates among other things:

  • Customer Personas that represent the needs of your users
  • UX prototype for a first marketable MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Branding to ensure a high recognition value
  • Interface & Interaction Design for optimal interface design



Technical development

Innovative digital projects describe the core element and passion of our digital agency. We develop efficient and scalable applications and websites that are secure, easy to use and easy to maintain. Through the Scrum method, we ensure the efficient use of budget by prioritising according to customer value, and with a CMS system tailored to your company, we ensure that your application or website is pleasant and easy to use for you and your users. 

Our areas of expertise are there:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) through Drupal 8 development, Lavarel and JavaScript (Angular & VueJS) 
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for handling your customer data
  • Scalable portals & service systems to optimize workflows
  • Responsive and user-friendly frontend applications with useful functions for your users
  • Intelligent technologies such as voice control, chat bots, AR, AL & ML for a technologically oriented future
  • API connection and interface development to integrate external software systems
  • License-free open-source software modules for easy handling and individual expandability of your project



Successful data acquisition 

Data collection is an important factor for the development of your company. It can be used to optimize search engine findability (SEO), to target different channels (SEM), to customize content, to create campaigns and to measure your strategies through ROIs and KPIs and to determine and keep track of conversion targets as well as key performance indicators. Our digital agency helps you to collect and analyze data securely. Using a tracking tool tailored to your goals, we can help you to find and implement optimal solutions for your company based on data analysis. 

We are looking forward to learn more about your digital project and advise you holistically.


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