Digital Transformation Consulting in Basel

Sustainable & innovative digital trans­formation consulting in Basel

With our digital transformation consulting in Basel, we actively support you through all steps of change. 

In order for your company to adapt to this cultural change, it is necessary to understand the initial situation of your company and to analyze the value chain in its entirety before applying new digital technologies. 

With an expert team of software developers and management specialists adapted to your company, we develop a strategy together with you. Special care is taken to ensure that your existing business processes are seamlessly integrated with the new requirements to be implemented. 

In order to further refine your digital possibilities and competences, the digital transformation consulting in Basel also provides data analysts and information architects with insights into your company, the market and customer behaviour. Together with you, our marketing department and the UX designers, you can define individual steps, features and requirements for the project and write them down in a clearly structured, timed catalogue of requirements.

Thanks to the proven Scrum method with weekly sprints and the Jira ticketing system, you can determine at any time which phase your digital transformation project is currently in. You can also ensure that your project is on time and within budget, interactively providing feedback at all times and actively participating in the process.


Digital Transformation Consulting in Basel with KPIs and Quality Management Systems for good NPS

Transformation within the company

Agile not only leads the way in the process of digital corporate transformation, but also in your management. Because the innovative restructuring of your company also creates new roles and functions that promote both your employees and your processes. 

This means, for example, that mobile and collaborative working is now possible regardless of time and place. Every employee can now easily and quickly access files, exchange information in real time and is always kept up to date with the latest version. 

As far as this operational flexibility, the virtual waiting and administration of your company is concerned, our digital transformation consulting in Basel is there to advise you and your employees. Before and during the individual changes, you and your team will be briefed "step by step" so that towards the end of the project you will be well informed and trained to continue working on your own.

Your success is our driving force. Our digital transformation consulting in Basel sees it as an essential task to simplify business processes and design them interface-free, and in some cases even to automate them using intelligent technologies. Your satisfaction - and of course that of your customers - is the be-all and end-all of sustainable project planning for us. 


Big Data - Big Business

An additional advantage of digital transformation is the data-driven approach. Information and points of contact with your buyers can be collected and processed for both quantitative and qualitative analyses. The systematic evaluation of the data in turn allows new insights to be gained, innovation paths to be found and risks to be avoided.

As a team for digital transformation consulting in Basel, we work with you right from the start to define data-based, and therefore measurable, goals that you can pursue throughout the entire process. The verifiable key performance indicators (KPIs) can be inspected from an analytical point of view, but are an extremely valuable source of your success, especially with regard to entrepreneurial, technical and, above all, customer-oriented approaches. KPIs serve as success factors for risk profiling on the one hand and for controlling current and future events and contact experiences with your buyers on the other.


Digital Transformation Consulting in Basel with Data Analysis, good Software and great UX Design for a pleasant Costumer Journey

Customer orientation & interaction quality

One of the most important goals of our digital transformation consulting in Basel is to meet or even exceed the expectations and needs of your customers in order to build sustainable added value and trust in your company.

It is important to develop a user-friendly UX design. On the one hand, your customers and prospective buyers not only have a pleasant and intuitive experience, but also experience and find all the information they were looking for thanks to the simple handling of your digital product. 

Thanks to new technologies and versatile channels, it is now much easier to get in touch with potential customers than with traditional marketing activities. You can observe the entire course of your customers (Customer Journey) and understand strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and risks. 
With the right software, strategic data analysis and outstanding UX design, you can accompany the customer from the first phase of attention to the decision, the purchase process and the post-purchase phase on his journey and pursue the desired interests. 

Thanks to our comprehensive expertise and years of experience, our team is specialized in the digital transformation consultintg in Basel and can present you with various marketing instruments, optimise sales processes and demonstrate the effectiveness and measurability of your measures in a comprehensible manner. From the care and support of new prospective customers, to the conversion to paying customers and the resulting trust, we help you to analyse the individual behaviour patterns correctly, to involve your customers and to accompany them interactively.

In addition to data collection, the quality of interaction with your customers or buyers is an essential factor in promoting the value and efficiency of your company, as more than just valuable information can be extracted by gaining feedback from the active participants.

Please contact us! Our management for the digital transformation consulting in Basel will gladly accompany you on your way to a successful future.



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