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Innovative digital trans­formation consulting in Lucerne

As an established agency for digital transformation consulting in Lucerne, we provide you with competent and energetic support and accompany you through all steps of digital change. 

In order for your company to adapt to these cultural changes, it is necessary to understand the initial situation of your company and analyze the entire value chain before using new digital technologies. 

With a team of software developers and management specialists perfectly tailored to your needs, we develop a suitable strategy together with you. We make sure that your existing business processes are seamlessly integrated with the new requirements to be implemented. 

In order to refine your digital possibilities and competences, our digital transformation consulting in Lucerne provides you with experienced data analysts and information architects with detailed knowledge about your company, the competition, the market and the behaviour of your clientele. Together with you, the UX designers and our marketing department, you can define individual steps, functions and requirements for the Internet project and record them in a clearly structured catalogue of requirements, which is divided into fixed periods.

Thanks to the globally proven Scrum method with weekly sprints and the "Jira" ticketing system, you can determine at any time which phase your digital transformation project is in. You can also ensure that your project is on time and within budget. You can provide interactive feedback at any time and thus actively accompany the process.


Digital Transformation Consulting in Lucerne with KPIs and Quality Management for agile structures

Transformation within the company

It is not only in the process of digital corporate transformation that agile progress is made, but also in your management. The innovative rebuild also creates new roles and functions that will benefit both your employees and your work processes. 

For example, there is the option of mobile and collaborative working independent of time and space. Every employee can now access files quickly and easily, exchange information with other team members without delay (real time) and is always kept up to date with the latest version. 

As far as the operational flexibility, maintenance and administration of your company are concerned, our digital transformation consulting team in Lucerne will support you right from the start. Before and during the changes, you and your team will be thoroughly briefed by us so that you are well informed and trained towards the end of the project to continue working independently.

Your success is our driving force. Our digital transformation consulting in Lucerne sees it as its crucial task to simplify processes and keep them interface-free, and in some cases even to automate them using intelligent technologies. Your satisfaction - and of course the satisfaction of your customers - is the be-all and end-all of sustainable project planning for us.


Big Data - Big Business

Another important advantage of digital transformation is the data-driven approach. Information and points of contact with your customers can be collected and processed for quantitative and qualitative analyses. Through the systematic evaluation of the data, completely new insights can be gained, ways of innovation can be explored and risks can be limited or avoided.

As digital transformation management consultants in Lucerne, we work with you from the outset to define data-based (and therefore measurable) goals that you can pursue throughout the entire process. The verifiable key performance indicators (KPIs) can be viewed both from an analytical point of view and, above all, with regard to entrepreneurial, technical and, above all, customer-oriented approaches, are a valuable pillar of your success. KPIs serve as success factors for so-called risk profiling and on the other hand for controlling current and future events and contact experiences with your customers.


Digital Transformation Consulting in Lucerne with Data Analysis, good Software and great UX Design for a pleasant Costumer Journey

Customer orientation & interaction quality

An important goal of our digital transformation consulting in Lucerne is to meet or even exceed the needs and expectations of your customers in order to guarantee sustainable added value and build trust in your company.

It is of enormous importance to develop a customer-friendly UX design. On the one hand, your prospective customers not only have a pleasant and intuitive shopping experience - they also find all the information they are looking for thanks to the simple handling of the website. 

Due to the variety of new technologies and channels it is much easier to get in touch with potential customers today than it is with ordinary forms of marketing. You can monitor the entire course of your customers (also known as "Customer Journey") and identify strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and risks. 

With the right software, data analysis and a professional UX design, you can accompany the customer from the first phase of attention to the purchase decision and the afterbuy phase on his journey.

Thanks to years of experience in the digital market, our management consultancy can present you with suitable marketing instruments for digital transformation in Lucerne, optimise sales processes and explain the effectiveness and measurability of your measures in a comprehensible manner. From the care and support of new prospective buyers, to the conversion to the customer and the resulting trust, we help you to analyse the individual behaviour of your customers correctly, to involve your buyers and to actively accompany them along the entire way.

The quality of interaction with your buyers or customers is, in addition to the collection of data, a factor that increases the value and efficiency of your company, since valuable information can be worked out by gaining feedback from the active participants.


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