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B-works: Full service agency in Bern for your digital solution

Our full service agency in Bern is passionately and energetically at your side from the first meeting to the go-live appointment and the subsequent analysis. Inspired by our technical affinity and a passion for demanding network projects, we accompany you from the conception, design, programming and maintenance of your website, blog, application or other communication channels. We look forward to working with you to create an outstanding web project!


Full Service Agency in Bern for consultancy and concepts for your digital project

Strategic consulting - new paths towards the future

We regard the exchange and communication with our customers as the be-all and end-all of a successful web project. In order to be able to support you in achieving your long-term goals, our full service agency in Berne analyses your current situation, the market and the competitiveness of your industry at the beginning of the cooperation. On the one hand, this helps to better understand your company and allows our strategy team to make an objective assessment of your current situation.


360-degree concept - proactively creating value

Our IT experts, marketing professionals, consultants, analysts and designers work closely together to review your technology, concept and product requirements. At this stage, the focus is on the benefits of your project. Innovative funding opportunities will be considered. In addition, the first ideas for your project are developed and a sitemap, the so-called wireframe and first prototypes are created. 

Depending on the area of responsibility, the team best suited to your requirements is already crystallized in this project phase. Precisely defined tasks and KPIs to be optimized (short for "Key Performance Indicators") are defined. We propose these ideas for the information architecture and interaction framework of your project in the context of a re-briefing and discuss them with you up to the release concept. After all open questions have been clarified and the concept has been established, the project plan is drawn up, which also includes your go-live date. 

When planning product development, it goes without saying that our full service agency in Berne provides you with a clear orientation framework. In order to keep processes lean and cost effective, to save time and to optimise processes, we attach great importance to maximum transparency. This is one reason why we rely on the principles of lean management and the methods of SCRUM (a process model for project and product management). After each iteration of a sprint, you get an overview of the progress of your product during the respective development phase.


Web Design: User-friendly and intuitive performance

After all tasks have been editorially recorded by user stories according to time and effort, the design phase can now begin. Whether with the UX concept, the shop design, the app development or the image campaign: Your customers are at the top of the list in this process. 

Our full service agency in Bern is aimed at a targeted audience and ensures a positive and intuitive experience for your end users through comprehensible, clear and relevant content and a touchable design. This process is not only extremely creative, but also extremely functional. Our UX designers provide a user-friendly experience and work with our web agency's technical experts to ensure that your product runs smoothly and equally on all devices. 


SEO: Towards the top position of search engines

Since the UX design is based on the positive experience of your end customers, it is of crucial importance to achieve a permanent increase in your visitor numbers and conversions (i.e. the conversion rate from prospects to customers). 
To make this happen, SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) plays a key role. In order to guarantee a high ranking of your website, our full service agency in Bern concentrates on a comprehensive market analysis and keyword research. In order to stand out well, we always keep an eye on the current competition.

The specialists at our full-service agency in Berne will then optimise your site to achieve a sustained increase in traffic and conversion rates. Our competencies range from editorial services to offpage optimization and onpage/offpage marketing measures to data processing by the major search engines. Your visibility, findability and relevance will be increased in an efficient way. The needs of your users can be met quickly and very specifically.

Development that works

Analogously our system analysts, backend developers, frontend experts and database specialists develop your responsive internet solution with Agile & SCRUM. Through agile software development and procedures based on the principles of lean development, you can track how your application or website evolves at any time. 

In the frontend, HTML creates user interfaces and stylesheets that are equipped with target-oriented technologies and extended functions. In addition, powerful databases are connected. The result is an easily manageable content management system that can be expanded at any time through the use of modular open-source scaling frameworks.  

Web-based solutions such as customer databases or booking systems are integrated into backend development. The developers at our full service agency in Berne ensure that all interfaces are seamlessly usable and can be flexibly extended at any time. We take care of data security, increase your performance, maintain the running system and guarantee the quality assurance of your product through regular server maintenance.


Full Service Agency in Bern with IT experts, Marketing Specialists, UX Designer and Data Analysts

Marketing - for modern and innovative off- & online dynamics

The marketing team of our full service agency in Bern is specialised in providing you with a high level of acceptance and awareness among your target groups, both globally and locally. Through marketing strategies, branding and image building as well as sales promotion measures, our experts not only generate more website visitors, but also promote customer loyalty along the customer life cycle.

The concepts and campaigns of our marketing measures can be measured by key performance indicators (KPIs) and objectives, are modular and can be optimized through continuous evaluation. The content management is prepared target group-specific and multilingual and played out on different channels (for example in the most important social networks). We always use the mobile, responsive version so that your application, webshop or website works smoothly and inspires your potential customers.


Talk to us about your objectives! Our full service agency in Bern is looking forward to new digital challenges and the development of innovative solutions.



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