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B-works is an experienced Internet agency, which can support you with the appropriate know-how and qualified experts individually with your digital project. From the initial strategy development to the final project implementation, we can accompany you with efficient methods and relevant expertise and continuously optimize your digital project. 


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Exploring the basics

In the initial phase of any project, our main concern is to clearly understand your company and your goals and, with this knowledge, to design a product that is targeted at your target audience. In the first meeting with B-works your wishes and goals will be clearly defined. After defining the goals, the necessary functions are also described and prioritized.

This briefing is very comprehensive and includes the signing of a Confidentiality Agreement before any confidential information is exchanged, as the evaluation of your data and the general market analysis serve to understand and align your potential. We also provide you with a responsible product owner (agile project manager) throughout the entire project management process. He will record every request, keep you informed about the process of your project and is always at your side for questions, concerns and wishes as the main contact person.



Develop solid strategies

In the stadium of strategy development, the close cooperation and exchange with our customers is enormously important to us, because now your defined goals are once again recorded in detail with a team that is tailored to you and estimated according to time and effort of the individual steps. This draft of the project is about prioritizing your ideas with the respective experts of our Internet agency, to limit the time optimally, to minimize costs and to record all relevant development goals through user stories in order to get an overview of the entire process.

Your company works closely with our data analysts, marketing experts, UX designers and software developers to meet all expectations. Data analysis can help you understand what your customers expect and what they are looking for. These requirements are then followed up with a user-friendly design. This design, adapted to your corporate identity, provides your customers with an intuitive and positive experience and is intended to promote trust and loyalty to your company. Our developers recommend digital technologies and develop the appropriate system, such as the easy-to-use Drupal 8 Content Management System. In addition to high security, easy maintenance and easy to use maintenance of your online product, our IT experts also make sure that the responsive layout of the UX design fits your mobile website or application. Within the scope of your project, our marketing department will deal with measures such as search engine optimization, the right target group approach, multilingual communication on various channels, public relations and sustainable sales promotion.



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Build-Measure-Learn Feedback Loop

We develop your digital solution with Scrum and Agile. This means that the value of your product and the benefits for your customers are our highest priority in all our processes. 

Define processes

The processes are examined in detail in advance in order to record the processes for the services to be created. At this moment, the course of the project is defined and the planned activities are recorded with the help of SCRUM. SCRUM is about the cost and time optimization of the overall process, because the respective tasks are divided in such a way that they run across departments and, above all, trouble-free. This allows you to keep a close eye on the progress of the project, as weekly sprints determine when, who and which tasks are completed. At the same time, blockers in the project are discussed on a daily basis and eliminated as quickly as possible.

Iterative testing

A core element of Lean Project Management is the continuous improvement process. Since you can see which team member of our Internet agency is working on which task, this also means that products can be tested and individually adapted before they enter the market. This agile approach is not only similar to the principle of "learning by doing", but also promotes the possibility of efficient work, because every Sprint Retrospective specifically addresses suggestions for improvement.

Customer feedback

As the development is a customer-oriented project, the needs and wishes of the customers are in the foreground. The product (or service) to be developed should be appealing, easy to use and positively internalized. The feedback method of Lean Project Management has proven itself for this purpose. The feedback obtained from your users and testers is very valuable in order to gain an understanding from the customer's perspective. This way, superfluous activities can be quickly captured and separated from the value-adding attributes. This leads to a higher quality of your product and promotes the positive experiences of your customers and thus their satisfaction. 

Continuous Control & Optimization

There are no limits to the possibilities of perfection. The constant question about the value of a product or a service will change constantly with the change of time and so you should get the possibility to generate a continuous added value for your customers, to avoid surplus projects and to be able to work on your quality even after the completion of the project phase. These are sometimes the reasons why we work agilely and iteratively. 

Towards the end of our joint project, the initially set goals are measured once again, the achievement of goals (e.g. sales increase, cost reduction, commitment) is analyzed and all processes and activities of the project process are checked for their functionality. 



We accompany you from the initial conception and strategy finding, through the technical and content-related implementation, to the data-driven evaluation and optimization in every phase of your project. 



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