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B-works the professional Online Agency in Zug for an effective web presence

The team of our online agency in Zug creates professional web solutions for complex requirements. We will help you build your own brand, create an identity, promote interactions and achieve your long-term business goals. 

Whether for a start-up company or an already existing company, our online agency in Zug strives to give your vision a strong voice in an established market and to show you innovative ways and potentials in the digital world.


Onlineagentur in Zug für Digitale Produkte MVP Website Applikations Entwicklung

Concept & Strategy

At the beginning of the project we sit down with you to get an understanding for your company, your vision and the target group. Our research and analysis experts already pay attention to relevant data and positioning characteristics during this phase and tell you which tools can be used efficiently at which point. The basic concept of your online project is derived from this. 

After a concept has emerged, the planning phase begins in our online agency in Zug. With our developers, communication researchers and the design and marketing department, the individual steps of your web project are discussed, prioritized and checked for feasibility and (implementation) time. So you not only have an overview when which tasks are tackled by which team - you can also agilely steer the stages of your project. All requirements to be developed are listed in a requirement specification and prioritized by user stories according to business value and effort. Furthermore, we determine the key performance indicators (KPIs) for a measurable success of your online project at the beginning of the cooperation with you.


Implementation of your MVP

Our online agency in Zug follows the principles of the "Lean Start Up" model for project management. This proven and tested method is based on the pillars of interactive implementation, short, usually weekly, development cycles and, in particular, feedback from your website users and buyers. Feedback is important because it provides valuable insights on how to make the experiences, expectations and experiences of your users intuitive and enjoyable.  

Within a short time, a marketable MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is created. This MVP serves to create a functional model for your market entry at low cost and time. Your project already contains the necessary elements for a go-live during the first phase, but can be continuously further tested, developed and modularly extended as well as refined. The short development cycles are well suited to respond quickly to change requests and feedback or to adapt to market changes without incurring unexpected costs.


Develop-Measure-Learn Circuit

Development begins with the basic idea of getting the functionality you need for your project up and running as quickly as possible, so it can be published in a timely manner to get unfiltered feedback from potential customers, expand on it, and improve the user experience.

The central element of an MVP is fast, yet targeted and iterative testing, which takes place in very short work cycles. Ongoing testing allows any risks to be excluded long before the final result. During the development phase you can always orient yourself to the market, at the same time respond to the needs of your clients and save significant costs and time with an MVP.

Branding & Marketing

Through our know-how, our passion and the corresponding tools, our online agency in Zug is the perfect partner in the field of Internet marketing. 

From well thought-out and tailor-made online campaigns to clear, eye-catching and stylish design, the experienced experts at our online agency in Zug can advise you in the following areas, among others:

  • Online Distribution Marketing (Internet marketing & sales strategy through know-how and tools)
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Channel Management (overview of the different channels, seasons, offers, price lists,.... )
  • Search engine optimization/ SEO (OnPage optimization through metatags, offsite optimization)
  • Content marketing (input of content through CMS systems such as Drupal 8 intuitive & easy to use; without interfaces and automatically integrated with other sales channels and systems) 
  • Website and applications (tailored to priorities and requirements; secure and functional, target-oriented, self-explanatory, easy to use, responsive)
  • E-commerce and online shop (networking with merchandise management and invoicing systems)

Our online agency in Zug helps you to build up your digital repertoire. We support you from the initial idea to the complete development. Contact us to get an overview of your possibilities and to discuss the planning of your project with us.



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