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A high search engine ranking is of great importance for the success of your company. Our SEO agency in Zug is specialized in accompanying you on your way to more visitors and conversions. We take care of increasing your visibility through search engine optimization, optimally evaluating the data through search and optimizing your web presence so that the needs of your visitors are fully met. 


Keywords & Search Terms

As an established SEO agency in Zug, we concentrate on the values and visions of your company at the beginning of the cooperation. We examine your search engine rankings and make observations on the competitive situation in order to shed light on your current position and identify the advantages over your competitors. From the point of view of your users, we determine which keywords are actually searched for in your industry. We deal with how these terms behave on the digital market and which keywords offer the best potential for a quick findability. Through intensive keyword research, comprehensive data analysis, trend research and competition monitoring, we create a sustainable concept to optimize your website or app.

SEO Agentur in Zug mit Customer Personas und Keywords zur Suchmaschienenoptimierung für top Rankings und Suchmaschinenrelevanz

Always up to date with UX design and relevant content

User oriented journey through the digital world

Our SEO agency in Zug ensures that your website or app is up-to-date in terms of content, technology and graphics and that your visitors are 100% convinced. Our team, consisting of UX designers, interaction researchers, communication experts and web developers, will push the personalized approach of your prospective buyers, generate positive user experiences through simple usability and guide your visitors through their online journey.

In addition to consulting and designing your SEO strategy, we also support you with editorial services. Our editorial team is passionate about writing well-researched texts that not only focus on your SEO search terms, but also inspire your readers.

Enthusiastically internalize virtual experiences 

Our UX designers create comfortable user interfaces and help your company to a graphically convincing online presence. Customer experience is the focus of our UX designers - they know how to recognize the points of contact with your customers early on, interpret feedback correctly and implement it in such a way that your users feel individually addressed. Our designers pay attention to user-friendly interactions, which are simplified sustainably and intuitively by digital means. In addition to a stylish and positive design, they also ensure that the design is responsive and tailored to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Once your page content is aligned with the behavioral funnel's intentions and a relevant findability is generated, your prospects will convert to customers. Whether in sales, marketing, online shopping, selecting a subscription, billing or delivery - the right search engine strategy will get your business to the top, and not just in the rankings.

Socially engaged

Social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are high on the search engine rankings. Your company can also benefit from this: The more people who are involved with your topics and share and liken your posts, the higher the search engines rank your credibility and visibility.

Our SEO agency in Zug supports you in setting up an editorial social media management strategy that strengthens your users' interest in your company. The creation of virtual assistants and personalized chatbots is also one of our areas of expertise and work.


Page Optimization

Loading speed / Page Speed

Another factor for your SEO strategy is the optimization of the loading speed of your website. Your visitors shouldn't have to wait long to see your content. We can help you to minimize the bounce rates of your visitors and to optimize the loading speed of your website. 


Search engines can detect if too many backlinks are being created on your site and at what speed. If the rate and frequency do not appear natural, it can happen that a website is marked with a red flag and in the worst case even banned from the search engine index. Here the principle "quality before quantity" applies: Search engines attach importance to the fact that the users are offered diverse, but at the same time relevant and current contents, as well as continuative links. Our SEO agency in Zug will work with you to balance your backlink profile and ensure that your entire website achieves a high degree of authority.

Internal link creation

The internal linking not only symbolizes the importance of individual topics and services of your company, but is also decisive for how long and intensively your visitors deal with your offers. We create a link map that shows where your topics are linked and how your users orient themselves to them. We can help you localize, optimize and categorize image sources, generate the right metatags, and create relevant, thematic content.

If you are looking for the right team for your website optimization, our SEO agency in Zug will gladly accompany you from keyword research and market observation, strategic consulting, technical and content as well as visual implementation, up to data-related analysis and on/offsite optimization of your website. We look forward to your ambitious project, fruitful cooperation and outstanding solutions. 


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