B-works is your strong partner for supporting CTOs

Working together for technology-oriented solutions 

As your technology partner, we’ll support you to increase your efficiency and help you make progress. We're passionate about developing effective, tailor-made, long-term digital solutions, web platforms & applications for you. We also place great importance on being there to support you even after a joint project has reached completion.


Support for CTOs Chief Technology Officer to develop computer based technologies

How is B-works able to support my company?

  • We can help when you're looking for a provider to actively support your company's IT workload
  • We can help when you're looking for an expert to develop digital solutions. We’re willing to come to your company for meetings etc. to save you time
  • We can help when you're looking for a provider with process experience and relevant expertise across various industries
  • We can help with concrete knowledge: B-works can provide you with facts, figures and data
  • We’ll assist you when you're looking for an expert in web technologies who can work efficiently in terms of time and budget and stick to your requirements

What project experience does B-works have?

B-works has considerable relevant experience in working with and supporting CTOs. We can give you examples of how we work by showing you some of our recent projects. These illustrate our approach and the goals we achieve. We place great importance on always working within the timings and budgets set by our customers, so the project is successful for all concerned. To ensure this, B-works uses the Agile and Scrum methods. Agile allows us to work with transparency and flexibility, increasing our output speed and minimizing risks in the development process. We adopt a continuous approach and strive for ongoing improvement. 

We work with Scrum for project management, setting ourselves intermediate weekly goals in a detailed plan and achieving these in short periods of time. This avoids any time spent backtracking. We record your long-term goals in a backlog so we never lose sight of these. Scrum and Agile provide us with transparent working methods, which we can demonstrate to our customers. This means that, as a customer, you'll always know what stage we're at with your project. Our experience means we can give you accurate estimates and plan efficiently.


Find out more about the precise approach and the processes we use at B-works:

B-works projects 

When we were marketing B-works, we wanted to create a website that not only looked like an app but also performed like one in the eyes of our customers. To begin with, we defined our core principles. These include agility, reliability, innovation and openness to solve complex problems. Finally, we needed to ensure our site had a fast load speed (performance) and crawl capability so that Google could index the site properly.


Which services does B-works specialize in?

As a full service agency, over the years, B-works has specialized in a number of targeted services. These include supporting companies in their business strategies and conception. In particular, we act as consultants for strategic digital transformation and assist in strategic development. We also work on developing solutions, especially websites, apps, Drupal, e-commerce and voice-controlled virtual assistants and chatbots. In parallel, we specialise in UX design, as well as website and responsive design. Our expertise extends to marketing and we specialize in storytelling, online marketing and performance tracking. What’s more, B-works can act as an interim CTO for StartUps.

In all our projects, especially when it comes to supporting CTOs, we attach great importance to using sustainable and transparent methods and technologies. In development terms, these include the CMS system Drupal 8, Github as a code repository, JavaScript (AngularJS and VueJS) for the frontend and PHP and Laravel for the backend. For design and user testing, we work with Sketch and Invision to create interactive prototypes. Project management is managed using Agile and Scrum, as well as Jira for ticketing.


How other CTOs have found B-works in the past:

  • Through recommendations from other CTOs within their network
  • Through our events 
  • Through trade fairs
  • Through LinkedIn
  • Through press articles about B-works

Individual services we offer for CTOs:

Who to contact at B-works:


Your digital solutions contact at B-works is Alex Benincà.

As managing director, he has many years' experience in this field, as well as more than 10 years’ experience in designing and implementing digital projects. 



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