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As a web agency in Basel for backend and frontend development, B-works is your expert partner for the digital transformation of your business processes. We develop professional and tailor-made solutions for our clients - from the IT strategy to the finished software. Our web agency in Basel has always relied on investment secure and state-of-the-art technologies. We work for small start-ups as well as for medium-sized and large companies. Our employees are passionate about developing creative solutions for complex ideas.


Web Agency in Basel with SEO Marketing and the Content Management System Drupal and UX Design

Specialist for user-friendly web design

The success of a website or web app is primarily determined by the user-friendliness of the web design. One thing is clear: If you don't feel well looked after on a website, you will quickly turn away and look for an alternative source of information. Various studies show that a website operator only has a few seconds to arouse the interest of his potential customers and keep them on the website. This makes it all the more important to always keep visitors' needs in mind when developing a website. 

From data analysts, marketing experts, communication & behavior researchers, UX designers to our IT developers, B-works specializes in creating digital experiences that directly appeal to Internet users. With a clear design, clear action prompts and unique visual communication, we skillfully stage your Internet presence. You can also rely on the extensive experience of our web agency in Basel when it comes to search engine optimization and search engine findability (SEO), conversion optimization and usability analysis. 


Sustainable web development based on Drupal 8

The content management system "Drupal 8", which is popular all over the world, is ideal for the creation of modern and sustainable Internet solutions: The platform is highly adaptable, personalizable and ideally optimized for mobile devices. Internet pages created with Drupal 8 are responsive - this means that the area of the screens used is optimally utilised. For these and other reasons, our web agency in Basel uses the latest version of Drupal (Drupal 8). 


After handing over your new website, you can manage it yourself with little effort and expand it if necessary. In a nutshell: A Drupal 8 website is an investment that quickly pays for itself. If you are already running a Drupal site and want to migrate it to version 8, our web agency in Basel is also a competent partner.



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